Andreea Ardelean — Service Design Consultant based in London, UK

A personalised experience

Sticky9 (part of Photobox Group) is a really fun company where you can print your photos on quirky personalised products.


As the business wanted to increase the product range and accessories, there was the risk of our users not feeling as emotionally involved in personalising our products.

The initial product, 9 instagram magnets forming a square, was simple to understand, quick to do and our users loved seeing how their final product will look like.

Adapting the product page, photo studio and basket to work with the new products and at the same time deliver the same emotional experience was challenging.

At first we started looking at each product’s page and came up with small interactions on how to present each product’s characteristics in a delightful way.

Continuing to look at the whole journey, the most time consuming and emotionally engaging time for our users was happening in the photo studio. This is where you would create and personalise your product. We looked at what motivates people to start creating, but also how easy and quick we can make the process in order for them to come back again later ‘just because it was fun to do’.

The interactions in the photo studio were key. After looking at other photo personalisation websites and doing usability testing on our current studio, we sketched and roughly prototyped some ideas and guerrilla tested them.

Another important step was the checkout process. After the emotional creation in the studio, the users would be abruptly taken out of it by being shown a generic image of the product in the basket. For a lot of people this is where the magic stopped and they would leave the page. So we knew we had to carry on the personalisation through the basket page too.

Working very closely with our front end devs we created a dynamic product image where the users pictures would show up instead of the generic stock images. This proved very successful, and not only increased the sale of all products across the board, but also the average order value.

Another challenge was optimising the navigation of the website - with the introduction of new products. We’ve done extensive A/B testing and kept iterating on the content, layout and design to improve the click-through rate and visibility of all products on the website

Other projects were to create a Sticky9 app - MVP in just one month, a shipping logic as now we produce and deliver in multiple countries, a new up-sale journey with accessories, introducing Facebook images as a new photo source and even going on TV!