Andreea Ardelean — Service & Interaction Designer based in London, UK


Sticky9 is a really fun company where you can print your photos (initially just instagram) creating quirky personalised products.

Since I joined, we had a lot of challenges on how to move the business from a small, focused (one main product) website to a bit more mature one, with a range of products and accessories. While keeping true to its brand, we’ve also been experimenting in a lean way new products, services, projects and features, while optimising on our decisions as we went along.

An important optimisation was the navigation of the website – with the introduction of new products. We’ve looked at the data, did A/B testing and kept on improving on the click-through rate and visibility of other products on the website.

One of the biggest projects was to have a look at the creation studio and at the bigger picture of what motivates people to create Sticky9 products. We identified the main pain points through usability testing and came up iteratively with solutions and improvements. As we knew from focus groups and social media that people were emotionally involved not only with the pictures they were using, but also the products created, we tried to make the experience using the studio reflect that, not only by being intuitive and easy to use, but also by delighting users with micro interactions.

Another important project was creating dynamic basket preview – showing the product with a real customer photo from its order, so they can not only visualise how the product will actually look like but also to create that emotional bond (it’s all about visual memories after all) with the product. This change has made a huge difference in our conversion rate and sales.

Other challenges were creating a Sticky9 app (V1 in just one month), a shipping logic as now we produce and deliver in multiple countries, adapting the creation studio for different products, a new up-sale journey with accessories, introducing Facebook images as a new photo source and even going on TV!