Andreea Ardelean — Service & Interaction Designer based in London, UK


UpDownLeftRight is trying to change the way kids play and pay. By wearing the AB wristband, you can turn every type of play imaginable into activity points. You can then exchange these in games for more experience points, upgrades and powers. Parents can also set up regular or one-of top-up to give the young people responsibility to manage their own purchases.

I joined UpDownLeftRight as Head of UX, being responsible with the entire digital experience of the UpDownLeftRight platform – website, mobile apps for children, parents and developers.

The main responsibility was establishing the needs and goals of each of our user types (children, young people, parents and developers). We’ve identified these through internal research, talking to parents and children, also being in online developer communities, but also doing usability testing with young people.

Translating these needs into the architecture of the apps was a challenge as the needs were quite different, but the apps had to work seamlessly together. More than that, the expectations and needs of the different personas within the children’s/young people’s group were so different that this on itself was a really big challenge in trying not to overwhelm the young ones, while not patronising the older ones.

I’ve also wrote a blog post about my experience in usability testing with 11year olds on Medium

Focus group & usability testing

Product evolution & iterations

The AB wristbands

The app for young people