Andreea Ardelean

Service & Interaction Designer based in London, UK

I believe our world should be easier to use and accessible to everyone. I want to be a part of that change.

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Available Soon Accepting contracting projects starting October 2016

I truly believe we have enough new shiny things in our life that don't solve real problems people have.

It’s time we start asking the right questions and really listening to the answers. It’s time we think about the big picture, but also the little bits that make us individuals. Let’s slow down a bit and think about what matters.

I have a fascination with how people interact with what they find on a screen or in their environment, how they consume the information and how they feel about it. Especially how they feel when they fail. That is when you can make a difference. When you turn that pain point into a seamless journey, because without them even realising, someone thought about their needs too. That’s what matters.

If you value the same things as me and care about your users, get in touch with your project.